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Kent Cardrona Package

Kent Cardrona 14kW Clean-Air Low Emission Woodfire + Flue Kit Package

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Kent Cardrona 14kW Low Emission Woodfire + Flue Kit Package


• Clean air approved small-size radiant wood fire
• Contemporary matt black design, 5mm steel
• Vermiculite brick lined firebox
• Multi-burn firebox helps glass remain clear
• Steel plate top for cooking use


• Estimated maximum heat output: 14kW
• Heats area up to 150m² (typically up to three standard rooms)
• Average emission rate: 0.80g/kg
• Overall average efficiency: 69%
• ECAN Authorisation No. 165498

Flue Kit Options: 

  • In the Standard Freestanding Flue Kit, air from within the room where the fire is located enters the cooling space between the liners and the main flue via the gap between the ceiling and the ceiling plate. This will allow some of the warm air generated by the fire burning to enter the gap between the inner flue and outer liner.  
  • The Energy Saver Flue Kit differs from the standard flue kit, in that cooling air is introduced in to the flue liners from the roof space. The ceiling plate is fixed directly to the ceiling creating an air tight seal. This effectively seals the room to reduce warm air loss. The outer liner in the ceiling has a perforated lower section which draws cooling air from within the ceiling cavity. This ensures optimum heat levels can be achieved in the living space.