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Kathite Chimney Cleaner

Kathite Chimney Cleaner | Flue Cleaning

Kathite 900 grams, safe and easy to use in all log burners and fireplaces

$34.99 (inc GST)


Kathite Chimney Cleaner.

Safe and easy to use in all log burners and fireplaces, keeps your chimney clean and worry free.

  • Helps eliminate creosote and soot build up.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Maintains optimum flue draw and reduces fouling and smoking from your chimney
  • Helps maximise heating efficiency and reduces maintenance costs
  • Non corrosive
Just sprinkle 2 caps full (30ml) on to a low hot fire. Contents 900ml.


The traditional method of cleaning involves brushing or scraping techniques.  Most common, is a professional chimney sweep who uses a manual brushing technique up and down the flue until it appears clean.  It is very effective in removing soot, bird’s nests and other flue deposits.  Creosote however, is a very hard, shiny, stubborn deposit that is not easily removed by brushing techniques.  Even though this method is the most widely accepted, it must be realised that it is not completely effective.


In order to facilitate removal of the glazed creosote deposits by mechanical means, a chemical additive is necessary to both soften the deposits and reduce their adhesion to the flue walls.  After this chemical modification, some deposits will lose sufficient adhesion and fall off a vertical surface under their own weight.  The remaining deposits can then be easily removed with standard mechanical cleaning techniques.