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Ecombi Storage Heater 1950W

On sale
Ecombi Storage Heater 1950W | SHOWROOM CLEARANCE | Home

Ecombi Plus Smart Storage (Night Store) Heater 1950W. Display Model

On sale!
$1,189.99 (inc GST)

$1,699.99 (inc GST)

(price reduced by 30 %)


Elnur Ecombi PLUS Digital Integrated Smart Storage Heater 1.95kW

Display Model - has been operating in showroom this winter.

Pick Up Only

The ECO308P can heat areas up to 12m² – perfect for lounges, guest rooms and games rooms. This unit has a storage heater with a 1950W output and a convection heater with a 900W output.

Using Elnurs Leading Technology, Ecombi Smart Storage Heaters give modern efficient storage heating that accurately controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management with high-sensitivity thermostatic controls, adapting daily to your heating needs whatever the weather conditions.

Combines comfort, savings and control in heating

  • Digital Smart Storage Heater
  • IEM Technology, intelligently manages the charge and discharge
  • Weekly and daily programming
  • 3 levels of temperature: Comfort, Economy and Frost Protection
  • Internet controllable. Wireless control and operation with the G Control system
  • Open window detection for reduced energy waste
  • Adaptive Start control
  • Presence Detection using G Control location system
  • High quality insulation materials with low thermal conductivity - in all sides of the heater
  • Temperature sensor with callibration option
  • Overheat Protection on storage heating function
  • Balancing heating element made of aluminium
  • Safety Thermostat with manual reset
  • Storage heating elements made from stainless steel
  • High density heat retention blocks
  • Front, side and rear air isolating chambers
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010
  • Robust themoplastic fittings
  • Easy to install on any kind of wall
  • Intuitive LCD display with advance control options
  • G Control Hub switchboard available as accessory for the wireless control and operation of the heater

  • Balancing element Output: 900W
  • Storage Heater Input: 1950W
  • Charge Period: 8 Hours
  • Charging (8 Hours): 15.6kW

  • Width: 890mm
  • Height: 730mm
  • Depth: 180mm
  • Weight: 112KG

  • Number of Blocks: 12
  • Weight of Blocks: 7.5KG 

Cutting-Edge WiFi Control & Digital Programming  

To maximise the energy-saving potential of your system, Ecombi SSH storage heaters can be used with an optional G Control Hub accessory to unlock their WiFi control capabilities. 

By connecting the G Control Hub to your home router, your SSH storage heater can be managed over the internet using the Elnur-Gabarron WiFi app installed on a compatible mobile device. 

The app doesn’t just give you access to full programming features while you’re on the move – it also offers comprehensive information on your energy usage so you can identify even more ways to save money. Using the app, you can switch your heaters on and off remotely whenever you’re away from home, adjust your set temperatures and even monitor how much energy your system uses on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. 

With the app’s in-built geolocation feature, your heating system can detect when you’re getting close to home and will pre-heat your rooms so they’re warm and inviting the moment you step through the door.

You're NOT committed to a permanently wired, separately metered electricity supply:

You can simply take advantage of the reduced off peak rate supply of electricity offered by your energy supplier. (Meter reconfiguration may be required - check with your power supplier)

The 975W and 1950W heaters are able to be plugged in to a regular 3 pin socket (cord not supplied), the 2600W heater must be hard wired - then programmed to charge up during your off peak period - typically around 11:00pm - 6:00am