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ADS Automatic 2400W

ADS Automatic 2400W | ADS Range

ADS Automatic Static 2400W

$1,399.99 (inc GST)

Elnur ADS Automatic Storage Heater 2400W

ADS storage heaters offer warmth where it is needed in a single room or throughout the house. A constant low level of background heat prevents the fabric of the building from cooling. On demand, this fast –acting appliance raises the temperature to meet your needs, providing total control and the peace of mind that comes with low running costs.

This automatic ADS range offers improved comfort, economy and easy of use. With a sophisticated automatic charging system to ensure the level of charge is adjusted to compensate for changing weather conditions without the need for user intervention. At the heart of this system is the patented DUAL SENSOR.

ADS storage heaters are fitted with high density refractory storage blocks which enable them to store more energy during the night and at much lower temperatures. The charging and discharging of the storage heater is regulated by setting the corresponding controls.

When used correctly in a suitable location the heater will maintain the required degree of comfort throughout the day.


  • Designed to use off-peak electricity tariff.
  • Automatic damper control.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Automatic thermostatic control - the output control is not included.
  • Charging thermostat with DUAL SENSOR tube.
  • Reinforced double rear insulation to avoid losses to the outside of the house.
  • Microtherm G 12mm insulation, vermiculite and ecological fibre.
  • Side and front and rear air chambers.
  • High resistance polyamide floor fitting supports
  • Robust plastic fittings.
  • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure
  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Output: 2400W
  • Accumulated Energy: 19.2kW
  • Width: 770mm
  • Height: 730mm
  • Depth: 165mm (plus 20mm space from wall)
  • Weight: 129KG
  • Number of Blocks: 12
  • Weight of Blocks: 8.5KG

ADS suitable for existing separately metered circuit with night rate tarrif:

This reduced rate is for the supply of electricity to a separately metered night store heater. Typically this will be for an 8 hour period between 11pm and 7am and may include a "boost" period. The storage heater is permanently wired to a separate meter and the electricity supply is subject to unscheduled interruptions. 

Keep Warm Using Solar Power

Storage heaters (night store heaters) are increasingly popular in solar powered households, essentially running them in reverse. You can simply store the excess solar electricity produced from your solar system in the home.

Our Elnur ADS storage heaters contain high density thermal bricks designed to hold a lot of heat energy. Power them up during the day when the solar panels are capturing maximum energy and let the Storage Heater heat your home at night - using free energy from the sun!