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Wired Thermostat

Wired Thermostat | Accessories

Aube TH232 7-Day wired programmable thermostat


$169.99 (inc GST)


Aube TH232 7-Day wired programmable thermostat

Installations using multiple infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled with this 7-Day Programmable Thermostat – can save between 30 – 60 percent of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including underfloor heating, storage heating and other electrical solutions. 

The thermostat is a compact 230V 15 Amp 7-day programmable wired thermostat with optional floor sensor.

The TH232 features a large easy-to-read backlit display. Programming is easy and intuitive. Power indicator shows heating is being called-for. On-off button, manual and automatic modes and battery-free programming backup.

It is an ideal thermostat for controlling several Herschel panels (not exceeding 3450 Watts) on one 16Amp circuit or more via relay (consult your electrician).

Installation: easy

Warranty: 3 years