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Ecombi PLUS
Controllable, efficient and cheap to run, the Elnur Ecombi boasts an array of smart features that transform storage heating for the 21st century.

With the Ecombi storage heater You're NOT committed to a permanently wired, separately metered electricity supply: you can simply take advantage of the reduced off peak rate supply of electricity offered by your power supplier. (Meter reconfiguration may be required - check with your power supplier)

The 975W and 1950W heaters are able to be plugged in to a regular 3 pin socket (cord not supplied), the 2600W heater must be hard wired - then programmed to charge up during your off peak period - typically around 11:00pm - 6:00am

Storage heaters are designed to work using the off-peak energy tariffs by charging up overnight when electricity is cheapest to create a reserve of stored heat which can be released during the day. With the Ecombi Smart, Elnur have adapted this classic heating method to suit modern lifestyles by incorporating smart new features and a range of heat management options.

The Ecombi offers three distinct heating modes. You can either use it as an ordinary manual storage heater, a smart combination heater, or an on-demand convection heater. The flexibility to change between the modes makes the Ecombi uniquely versatile. In autumn and spring, you can use it just as you would a normal storage heater. In winter, you can use it in combination mode, with the convection heater topping up the heat whenever you run out of charge. In summer, you can use it as a simple convection heater, providing you with on-demand heat for those unseasonably chilly days.

The Elnur Ecombi brings storage heaters in step with competing electric heating solutions by providing full digital programming functionality. Users can create their own bespoke heating schedules, dictating when the heating comes on and at what temperature, so rooms are always warm whenever they’re needed. Comfort and economy heat levels can be set for every hour of the day to create a customised heating routine over the entire week. There’s even a frost protection mode for those times when you don’t need heating; the heaters will stay switched off unless the temperature drops below 7 °C, where they’ll provide a low level of heat sufficient to prevent your pipes freezing.

All storage heaters in the Ecombi range come with an automatic charge regulator. This delays the charging of the storage heater so that it always finishes charging just before the beginning of the peak-rate period, ensuring that the heater uses the minimum energy required and is ready for use straightaway. For example, if the Ecombi has calculated that only 4 hours’ worth of electricity is needed based on the previous day’s usage, it will begin charging at 3am, 4 hours before the start of on-peak tariff time at 7am. This delayed charge feature can be turned on or off using the keypad on the top of the heater.