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Thoses bits 'n' pieces that you need for your fire... we sell them too!

Floor protection hearths are essential when installing a new wood fire on to a combustible floor such as timber or carpet. The hearth must be the required size and thickness for your fire in order that burning fuel or hot embers do not fall on any combustible materials such as floorboards, carpets or rugs etc. Locations: WALL: Against a Flat Wall CORNER: Into a Corner with the appliance on a 45 degree angle into the room

We have complete flue systems and extra lengths, cowls; flue components available. We recommend regular maintenance of both woodfire and flue. You can easily do the maintenance yourself – it does not require expensive equipment or special skills.

Keep your wood fire looking clean and new using either stove paint or polish. Painting or polishing your wood fire and flue can transform the finish from a dull, rusty, dusty appearance to almost brand new.

Feel free to ask us any questions: how does it work? how much will it cost to run? will it fit? installation? ... we're good with all that. In Christchurch we can come to your place and provide an informed and accurate assessment of your heating requirements.